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Things you should know before buying a Rowing Machine

If you are planning to get a complete workout regime then you must think more than just treadmill and run. Cardiovascular exercises are good but you need to extend the limits of your workout to gain weight level, toning your muscle groups, improving stamina and so much more.

A rowing machine is a complete workout that helps you achieve all the benefits mentioned above. It is workout equipment of gym that helps you practice and recreates the action of rowing a boat by following the particular steps:

Rowing Machine Usage

  • Catch – in the beginning you start by holding the handle, which is attached to the chain. All this must be done in an upright position.
  • Drive – in this, you utilize your legs to push the pads that are there at the feet while you keep extending them. As you are straightening your knees, your upper body should move backward and your arms should bend.
  • Finish – by completely bending your elbows you try to get handle closer to the abdomen. All this while you must slightly bend toward your knees so that you avoid putting whole weight on them.
  • Recovery – now, you slowly extend your arms as you straighten your elbows by bringing the upper part of your body forward once again. All this while try bending your knees by getting back to the original position.

As said earlier there are a number of benefits related to rowing the machine.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine

Weight loss – using a rowing machine to get into a rapid and vigorous workout can help you burn all unwanted calories quickly. It has been scientifically proved.

Reduces stress – these kinds of workout are said to increase the levels of endorphin in the bloodstream that reduces the chances falling prey to depression.

Benefits heart – exercises, especially aerobic ones are known to improve the functioning of heart, lungs and even circulatory system.

Knowing all the best things about the machine, you must all know the things to remember before you buy one.

Things to remember before buying a Rowing Machine

Comfort – You must check seat so that you don’t end being uncomfortable while you start working out on your new machine.

Size – Size matters totally as you are planning on doing the workout at home.

Resistance – Certain types of resistance can be offered by different types of machines.

Other criteria can be listed as follows:

  1. Rower, seat and sliding track
  2. Monitor controls
  3. Brands that are recognizable
  4. Price range
  5. Warranty

To increase the durability and muscle you can use this machine. You just have to understand the underlying importance and buy the best one according to the needs of the user.


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