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Top 5 Mistakes you must avoid while Spin Biking

Spin biking can be fun and the intensity might even be thrilling. Keeping up with the spin class can also be quite a stretch. And there are a few mistakes, which one might make without even knowing. While coming up with the atmosphere of the spin class, you must keep some points in mind to stay safe:

1. Hunching over the handle: Spin bikes work on your core strength and it might be difficult to achieve the desired results until your posture is correct. Most spin bikes come with adjustable handles to suit different body dimensions and you should make sure you are comfortable without stressing your upper body.

Bending the spine over the handles might give you a severe back pain and creeped out shoulders. The perfect posture lengthens your spine. You must keep your back straight; the ribs lifted and lean the upper body towards the handlebars by bending the elbows slightly. If you are having difficulty keeping your posture straight all the time, you can practice in front of the mirror until you become better at it.

2. Too high or too low set of the cycle: The adjustable seats must be used to enhance the exercise and reap the maximum benefits. A tougher session on the spin bike won’t serve you well if you don’t do it right.

If the seats are set too low, then the knee joints and feet bear the brunt of the body pressure. Similarly, if the seats are set too high, the back will be hurt. The correct position of riding includes slightly bent knees and legs easily reaching the bottom of peddling and the foot is flat throughout.

3. Extremities of exercising: Exercising too much or too little is definitely not good for your body. Pressuring the neck and spine by working out too much can lead to fatigue. Conversely, not keeping the body in motion even when a little strain is experienced will also be bad for health.

The workout session should be increased in intensity with time and when you start tiring out, you must slowly decrease the speed to get optimum results.

4. Holding the breath during exercise: Cycling increases oxygenation in the body. But holding the breath with increased intensity will definitely harm your body more than helping to keep fit. Maintain the proper breathing mechanism by not pushing yourself too much too early.

5. Cross-working or lifting weights with cycling: This is something that most advanced bikers do. But it must not be done unless you are a complete pro. Slipped discs and injured shoulders and joints won’t help amateur spin bikers anyways.

There are adverse effects of spin biking when these mistakes are made during the workout. As long as you avoid these, you should be able to see the positive difference brought about by the exercise.


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