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The 10 Best Biometric / Fingerprint Gun Safes to Buy in 2019

Are you the one who is searching the internet for a firearm safe and have run over the expression ‘biometric gun safe’?

In case you’re uncertain about what it means and whether it’s justified regardless of your cash, you are at the right place.

For past few years, individuals have utilized the combination locks as the standard method to secure their resources inside the safe.

A criminal can effectively open any traditional/old gun safe that uses a conventional lock or the keypad. A little youngster could likewise recall the mix to a customary sheltered too.

The primary sort of safe that is genuine, well, safe is a biometric safe. A biometric safe is safe that uses a unique finger/thumb impression scanner for the lock. What’s more, in addition to the fact that it is more secure, it’s quicker.

Indeed, any ordinary or electronic safe is basically slow to open, yet a biometric safe is staggeringly quick. For reacting to a home attack, it’s the best decision.

A biometric gun safe uses unique finger impression scanners to recognize you before opening. This is the reason it offers excellent assurance against robbers, youngsters, or other unapproved entries.

Since we have characterized what a biometric gun safe is precise, we should jump into a portion of the best gun safe models for you to consider.

Biometric / Fingerprint Gun Safes Reviews

#1 Verifi Smart Safe Quick Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor

It is the combination of the reliable fingerprint scanner and dependable battery life is the lethal weapon and is all that could be needed for us to give the safe a rating of 5/5.

The finger impression scanner is also FBI certified.

Apart from it, the safe also features the 3D imaging that mainly covers an expansive region of your unique finger impression which is the reason it is exact.

It also distinguishes a unique finger impression effectively which makes it exceptionally dependable when you require your gun under pressure. You could get your weapon rapidly without swiping your finger a few times.

Key Features:

Lower Power Consumption: The safe does not gobble up your battery as it is designed exceptionally to bring down power utilization while keeping the level of energy sufficient to keep up ideal execution for the unique finger impression scanner, inside lights, etc.

Sound Notification: The safe additionally gives the sound notification to important cautions and updates, for example, battery levels.

Other than the unique mark scanner and stunning battery life, another striking component of this safe is its LCD show and implicit User Management.

Through the LCD screen, you could program your unique finger impression and set up the entire thing through the Enrollment Setup Wizard. Due to this, you could set up the safe in around 5 minutes without a manual. User Management enables you to alter the settings whenever.

#2 BARSKA Biometric Safe

The Barska Biometric Safe is a standout amongst other guns safes available up until now.

It is getting an extraordinary measure of acclaim from past clients and seen as an incredible purchase for anybody searching for the gun safe that permits quick access for proprietors and great fundamental security.

Key Features:

1. Finger Touch To Open The Safe No codes to recall! No keys to lose! Simply tap your finger to the scanner and within milliseconds the safe lock is open. What you have here is an intense yet minimized home safe that can store a wide range of things including little guns.

2. Minimized And Convenient Safe Barska is a minimized and advantageous safe for home usage. Consequently, it’s a prominent item among customers that are great content with their buy.

This gun safe is a phenomenal answer for home usage on the off chance that you are searching for quick access to your weapons and rifles without the requirement for conveying keys or swipe cards and recalling passwords.

This is critical in circumstances where a robber goes into your home. Along these lines, you require exceptionally quick and bother free access to your guns.

3. This unit is strong, dependable and well fabricated, and it can be utilized for quite a while without stress over rust. A legitimate upkeep measure is prescribed, for example, wiping the outsides with the spotless, dry fabric to boost the usefulness of the weapon safe.

4. To make sure you know, a print reader is very critical. To help with better acknowledgement, the best activity is program a second or third print of a similar finger yet at marginally different angles. This will enable speed to up the recognition process.

#3 GunVault MicroVault XL MVB1000

The Microvault XL or MVB1000  is the bigger portable gun safe intended to utilize both all through the home by GunVault.

It comes with the security link, read on to discover more.

Key Features:

High Fingerprint Capacity: The MVB1000 has a limit concerning around 120 scans of your fingerprints.

It utilizes a swiping biometric scanner; these require more practice to use than the pad ones yet are certainly justified, despite all the trouble for examining capacity and spending plan.

Medium Amount of Space: The tallness of the inside enables you to store different things if utilizing as a part of a vehicle you could put apparatuses inside it and in addition handguns.

It doesn’t have a strong impression either and has a comparative look at a conventional cash box, which means it can fit into the edge of a trunk or under seat effectively.

Clever Elastic Pockets: With the pockets set up you can store little things, for example, telephones, wallets or cash without them being in among your guns.

On the off chance that driving around with one of these in your auto or truck you know your resources are secured against moving from side to side and finding each other. It is simply one more cunning component that makes this safe reasonable for vehicles.

Impression arrangement: On the highest point of this safe is the No-Eyes Keypad, it is a standard element of both biometric and blend safes from GunVault.

Thus GunVault MicroVault XL MVB1000 has the advanced technology and innovation that an individual would look for.

#4 Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

Sentry Safe maker is among the best firms that creating top-notch security safes which suit your necessities with regards to guns and archives wellbeing.

Notwithstanding utilizing a fingerprint to get entrance, the safe enables you to program the combination code utilizing four keys/button.


Features of the Sentry Safe:

Pry-safe Door Design: This safe gives you the conviction that your gun is very much shielded from external access.

Substantial Duty Steel Construction: The 12 measure steel ensures the sturdiness and uprightness of the safe. You can feel sure that your handgun is secured.

Program your unique finger impression together with the combination code for getting to your gun safe.

The advanced keypad with four buttons is non-capable of being heard input for calm access. The electronic framework keeps running on 4 AA batteries. For reinforcement purposes an override key is accessible.

#5 GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

It is a secure safe that gives the greatest safety to your gun while providing snappy access to your weapon at whatever point you require it.

This snappy access gun safe is produced using 18 check steel and is intended to be mounted on the wall or under a work area so you can keep your handgun secure yet in the meantime inside simple reach should you require it in the hurry.

Key Features:

Signalling Alternatives: The digit keypad has the choice of beeping when you push the numbers. However, this particular feature can be turned off.

A few people like to have it quiet if they are endeavouring to get their weapon out because another person is in the house and they would prefer not to caution them.

Other individuals like when it signals so they can hear if a kid is playing with the keypad or endeavouring to get into the safe.

Keypad Access: There is a reinforcement entered access if the battery passes on your safe before you supplant it or you overlook what code you made.

Digital Keypad: It has a four-digit keypad on the safety front. You can also program the safe. The safe is electronic and keeps running on one 9-volt battery.

GunVault prescribes that you utilize a primary battery that has no less than five years left on its lapse date. The battery ought to be changed once consistently.

Solid Development: The safe is produced from the 18 cm gauge steel. You won’t have to stress over anybody having the capacity to break into the safe effortlessly.

Thus, GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe is one of the safest product available in the market.

#6 BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe

BARSKA Mini safe is kind of the safety gadget that mainly uses biometric information to enable access to it and in this way securing properties from individuals who the biometric data isn’t put away on the device.

Key Features:

Mechanized Locking Mechanism: It additionally uses a standard two-point deadbolt locking framework at naturally withdraws when it senses an enrolled and store unique fingerprint looking for accessing.

This makes it speedy to open while at the same time guarantee that nobody, however, the individual’s fingerprints’ identity are put away in its memory is permitted to open it.

You likewise have extra security and straightforward access along with emergency move down keys if the need to dodge the biometric part emerges, for example, in battery failure.

Biometric Technology: This safe uses individual biological attributes to recognize those endeavouring to get to its substance, permanently by unique finger impression ID.

This safe has the additional ability to store the unique finger impression ID of 30 distinctive enlisted clients, so you can pick who gains access to your guns.

Ready to hide away two regular measured handguns, the Barska Biometric Safe can give access to its substance in seconds without remembering or enter a mix or password.

Simple care and Maintenance: With the greater part of this propelled innovation, you would surmise that this safe is confounded to work and keep up.

Be that as it may, in addition to the fact that it is easy to utilize, it’s likewise simple to administer to. All that is required for reliably responsive and secure execution is that you keep the unique fingerprint scanner clean with a dry fabric to expel any scars or more seasoned prints from causing a scanner misread.

Thus, BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe has a high-end biometric technology that would meet all your requirements.

Best Biometric Gun Safes for Rifles / Long Guns

#1 Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe

The Large Biometric Rifle Safe by Barska makes that idea one stride forward by evacuating the requirement for the key and offering significantly greater security.

Key Features:

1. This Barska large biometric safe is modified to permit you access by essentially utilizing your fingerprints because of their extraordinarily fruitful and precise biometric innovation.

2. This technology enables you to store your one of a kind fingerprint in its memory so you can later open the safe with those same fingerprints.

3. This digital biometric fingerprint lock keeps out the worry of keeping in mind another essential password, so you simply focus on what is more important to you. It likewise takes out the need to bear another key.

4. Registering fingerprints take milliseconds and can be gotten to promptly. This technology additionally diminishes the time it takes to open the safe, which takes into consideration additional minutes you may require in a period of crisis.

5. Also, this large rifle safe accompanies are the pre-planned emergency back up keys, so if for reasons unknown you can’t get to the safe by unique finger impression you would not be locked out.

Let be honest, here and there even the best technology has hiccups, regardless of whether it’s from a power supply issue or harm caused by an unsuccessful robbery.

If for any reason you can’t get to your guns with your fingerprints, these back up keys will spare your day.

#2 BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Safe

The Barska Quick Access is easy to understand mechanically advanced answer for securely putting away rifles at your home or office.

The three steel locking deadbolts and the latest fingerprint innovation make this safe a sensible expansion to any area requiring quick access security in a mountable size.

Open the safe with a bit of a finger; no compelling reason to locate a key or recollect a blend under coercion.

Key Features:

Construction: The Matte black steel fenced in area, pre-bored grapple focuses and removable stockpiling rack support this vigorous framework.

Second Generation Fingerprint Technology Fingerprint: checking optical innovation gives advanced security against the misfortune and burglary of assets.

Silent Access: You can also turn the sound off of safe’s door for a quiet activity.

Steel body development: Steel is known to be an extremely tough metal and its utilization in making the safe guarantees you of sturdiness and strength. Steel is known to have a high softening point.

Thus, BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Safe has a second generation fingerprint technology to keep your belongings safe.

#3 Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe (AMSW592818-blk show)

The company steelware is known for its excellent quality yet extremely cheap gun safes. Numerous firearm proprietors who have possessed a Steelwater safe say the firm has dependable, well-made, and low-estimated contributions.

Most Steelwater safes are likewise flame resistant.

Its safes similarly get great criticism for being easy to install.

Maybe another preferred standpoint of Steelwater safes is that it is uncommon for the firm to roll out mechanical changes.

In this manner, it’s quite easy to discover new parts for a Steelwater safe regardless of whether it is old.

Key Features:

Gear Drive System: It utilizes a rigging drive framework for opening the safe

Two-Weapon Rack: This gun safe has two safe racks for keeping arms and ammunition.

Fireproof: The Steelwater Heavy Duty has a 45-minute Fire Rated at 1500 F.

Sturdy development: It has a 12-gauge steel development which is secure

Thus, Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe has a gear drive system and weapon rack which makes it a perfect choice to meet your requirements.

#4 Steelwater Standard Duty Gun Safe (AMEGS592216-BLK)

Steelwater has created some excellent quality gun safes that are both solid and appealing.

This is the situation even with the base level safe.

The Steelwater Standard Duty 16 long gun safe offers a portion of the best assurance of the safes that can store an unassuming measure of weapons.

Key Features:

Gunsafe Capacity: Intended to hold up to 16 firearms, endeavouring to really fit 16 weapons into the safe can be a test. The sheltered fits around 8 to 10 guns serenely.

The two area firearm rack included can store eight weapons.

Lock Type: Utilization of the combination lock mainly accesses the Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Safe. This blend can be set from 3 to 8 digits, which should cover most people groups customary stick code.

The more digits you utilize, the harder the mix will be to break. For reinforcement, this safe incorporates a double bitted key which can be utilized to sidestep the keypad.

Specifications: The safe is 59 inches tall and has 55 inches if interior height, which ought to be more than adequate for most long weapons.

Thus, Steelwater Standard Duty Gun Safe has all the innovations required to meet your expectation.

What Makes People Go For Gunsafes?

The world has now gone to a moment that individuals need to figure out how to ensure them. There are a lot of unsafe components going around all over the place.

Mishaps, in any case, once in a while happen which is the reason it is must to put resources into a decent gun safe. Like some other business investment, a gun safe is a thing that you will love purchasing.

Considerable gun safe proprietors are fulfilled and mollified with their buys. Here are only a couple of the most compelling reasons firearm safes come so profoundly prescribed:

Shield Guns From Fire Damage

Numerous weapon safes are impervious to discharge, with some ready to withstand temperatures of up to 1800ºF for 60 minutes.

If encounter an incidental house shoot or other crises, you’ll have the capacity to breathe a sigh of relief knowing you secured your ammunition and guns.

Keep Your Gun Out Of The Wrong Hands

Ineffectively put away weapons are unsafe to kids. Keeping guns out of their scope ought to be the best need.

The gun safes are the simplest method to guarantee that exclusive you or another capable gathering can get to your guns, wiping out the possibility of inadvertent damage or passing.

Give Easy Access To Yourself

While safes keep kids and intruders away from getting their hands on your guns, you’ll have snappy access to them when they’re required most.

Locks open quickly and proficiently for proprietors.

The Bottom Line

So this far-reaching guide gives you point by point information about best decisions for handgun safes and rifle safes with the reconciliation of the biometric technology.

All gun safes said above are planned by legal guidelines and are totally secured.

Biometric / Fingerprint Gun Safes Reviews
  • Verifi Smart Safe
  • BARSKA Biometric Safe
  • GunVault MicroVault XL MVB1000
  • Sentry Safe
  • GunVault SV500
  • BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe
  • Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe
  • BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Safe
  • Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe
  • Steelwater Standard Duty Gun Safe


We reviewed 10 Best Fingerprint Gun Safes in depth so Don’t buy Biometric Gun Safe before reading these reviews.
Biometric Gun Safe Reviews 2019


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