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The 8 Best Rowing Machines to Buy in 2019

No matter what is your athletic ability, rowing is known to be the powerful experience because of its low-impact tendency.

According to your mobility and type of workout, you can get different devices easily. Indoor rowing machines are highly preferred by the fitness enthusiasts because of its highly refined structure and sleek design aspects.

The rowing machine is considered as the best means to improve your fitness level by building muscle mass in the low-impact and safe way and by burning calories.

Rowing machines are quite useful for maintaining good body structure and physique. There have been plenty of rowing machines available in the market.

With the enormous designs and models of the rowing machine, it is quite hard to find the right machine for your need. Here is the detailed list of the best rowing machines and honest reviews for the rowing enthusiasts.

Let’s have a specific look at the collection of best rowing machine models.

Best Rowing Machines Reviews

#1 Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine ‘Model D’

The dependable performance of Indoor Rower Model D has been considered as the best selling fitness product in the universe.

It is known as the best tool for indoor training because Model D provides an effectual cardiovascular workout, which seems to improve your fitness level & tone of physique.

The Concept 2 Rowing machine is developed in such a way that it offers a safe and natural workout, which does not overstrain muscles or create injury.

The top-notch rowing machine has a width of 24 inches and a length of 96 inches to offer massive support during a workout. The leg support comes with front and rear ones made up of aluminium and steel respectively.

The Concept 2 is simple and easy to use and it will make you constantly updated on how many calories burned, heart rate, and strokes per minute, distance covered and many more.

This model is known as an excellent option for strength and cardio training, thus combining durability and comfort in one single package.

The spiral damper and flywheel feature allows the user to easily adjust the tension level & resistance easily whenever you need during the workout. In addition to that, the seat moment is quite smooth and does not create any noise.

The training device consists of an advanced monitor known as PM5, which is accurate, user-friendly and quite easy to operate. The Concept2 Rowing machine suits individuals and facilitates them to select between wide ranges of workout programs.

A topmost manufacturer who is known for solid construction and durability of machines manufactures this fitness equipment. The Concept 2 rowing machine is created to offer long-lasting fitness performance and makes a great investment for the fitness lovers.

It features a 14-inch seat with nickel-plated chain for intense toning and cardio workout. With the aid of PM5 performance monitor, you can stay updated with necessary information about training goals.

If you are searching for the best workout equipment then Concept 2 Model D is the best rowing machine.

#2 Stamina Air Rower

Rowing is one of the best exercises, which ensure to increase your metabolism rate, burn fat and calories more effectively.

Oversized food plates and textured grips of the machine add utmost comfort & make your feet and hands stable throughout the drive.

Stamina Air Rower is both high-quality and affordable rowing machines, which are an excellent option for users belonging to any fitness category. This rower features a sturdy construction and steel frame.

The sliding seat is padded, upholstered and surprisingly comfortable. With the aid of an adjustable strap, the user can keep the feet safe during rowing.

Big footpads can suit any shoe size of the user. The monitor of Stamina Air Rower shows the speed, workout time, calories burned, covered distance and everything, which is essential for tracking your progress efficiently.

This device is developed to offer solid, smooth & comfortable workout in the comfort of your residence. With the assistance of an indoor rowing machine, the machine will work comfortably with upper & lower body.

Wind resistance is one of the smoothest and best kinds of resistance, which you have never find. The harder you perform the workout, the higher resistance will be built by kicking your workout intensity.

This rowing machine ensures to offer good value for your money and hence provides utmost performance at minimum cost.

The Frame of Stamina Rower can be easily folded due to its wonderful compact designs. The fitness enthusiast can include this machine to get the best cardio workout, sculpting lower and upper body in an easy manner. Being light in weight, it is easy to lift anywhere and convenient to use.

#3 Kettler 7978-900 Favorit Rowing Machine

Being one of the affordable and toughest rowing machines, it is manufactured and designed by famous Kettler.

This rowing machine is employed by both beginners and professionals to achieve maximum workout result.

The Kettler 7978-900 not only enhances your endurance and stamina but also improves your arm, shoulder, back & thigh muscles.

During your workout, the machine tends to show important data like training pulse, stroke frequency and a number of strokes in the digital display.

The good thing about the display monitor is that you can easily customize your exercise session by fixing stroke rate, time & distance to be covered and completion of the target.

However, the monitor shows you video and audio signal upon completing the fitness target. Additionally, it is highly compatible with plug-in ear clip, which monitors & checks the heart rate using a chest strap and wrist monitor.

The Kettler Rower offers full-size rowing feature in the compact frame to deliver high-quality rowing experience for the rowers. The dual hydraulic pistons offer consistent and smooth resistance during the stroke.

This rower is well equipped with anti-slip protectors, which make your rowing machine in specific place thus avoiding scratches on finished floors and wood.

Its parts are nicely fit, rotate or slide easily and tighten easily. It is sturdy and suits well on the floor spacing and hence folded into compact share when it is not in use.

The resistance level of the machine is set as 50 Knurl to get challenging and wide resistance. This machine displays various functions simultaneously including frequency, pulse rate, strokes, energy consumed, distance and time. Get perfect body shape by having Kettler Favorit Rower at the comfort of your home.

#4 Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine

The LifeCore R100 rowing machine is a top-notch rower with some fascinating features, which make it as a winner for both home use and fitness club.

This rowing machine stands apart from its competitor because of resistance system which merges magnetic resistance and fan resistance for offering additional features like smoothness, controlled cardio workout and quiet.

It uses four c-batteries to power the resistance changes and console. With its tremendous space-efficient design, which allows you to easily fold the device and transport wheels, you will never face the problem of acquiring a perfect place for storing your rowing device. Take the rowing experience to a further level by considering R100 rower.

This rower is well equipped with big LCD colour monitor to assist you to have a track on workout progress. As a result, it motivates you to go beyond boundaries and achieve your targeted goal.

The LCD monitor is well equipped with enormous programs like interval training, 15-preset, and 4-heart rate control programs for the rowing enthusiasts who are searching for a challenge.

This machine gadget arrives with blue and green backlit screen, which can be viewed from the long-distance without the need of pausing your training.

#5 Pro Rower H20 RX-740 Home Series Rowing Machine

The ProRower H20 machine is a high-quality rowing device, which ensures to improve your health and body structure in no time.

Encompasses a new hydropower system, the ProRower is an excellent option for the rowing enthusiasts and it is also highly suitable for the beginners who want an easy-to-use and reliable rowing machine for residential purpose.

Its adaptive water resistance feature offers a powerful and smooth workout. Being a water-based machine, it offers the feel or really rowing in the midst of water.

The monitor display helps the user to view their progress & get detailed results regarding their performance. This machine can accommodate the users about 350lbs in weight.

The rowing machine is durable and strong so you can achieve long-lasting benefits with help of it. The water resistance features of the device make your workout to feel lighter and hence offer soothing water lapping sound to make pleasing rhythm during your workout.

#6 Stamina Avari Magnetic Power

The Stamina Avari is a budget-friendly and famous rower, which offers excellent upper & lower body workout with aid of smooth rowing motion.

This rower is available with plenty of features including fitness monitor to display results of 12-programmed workouts.

The device is user-friendly because of its simple assembly to foldable design aspects.

Avari that aids in building stamina and focusing on total body workout designs this rowing machine. The rowing device comes with magnetic resistance to ensure controlled resistance level, smooth braking system and also renowned for the noiseless operation.

This device is easily foldable with wheels and hence can be stored anywhere. One can get smooth rowing experience with the help of hydraulic resistance and unique ball bearing roller.

The moulded seats provide a comfortable cushion during your workout and also reduce pressure during exercise. Being a low-impact machine, this rowing machine guarantees to make your workout highly comfortable.

This machine can able to withstand weight up to 275lbs and it is extremely comfortable for the rowing users who are tall. People who want to perform slow rowing with strong resistance can also consider for Stamina Avari.

#7 Velocity Fitness Magnetic Power CHR-2001

Velocity Exercise designs the Velocity Fitness machine on the basis of Drum Magnetic Control. This company manufactures plenty of fitness tools including stylish rowing machines.

It is combined with a magnetic resistance system that is made up of the aluminium frame.

It has a large monitor to show all the necessary information regarding your performance. The users are sure to get details regarding distance covered, pulse rate, calories burnt, stroke per minute, count, time and watt.

This rowing machine has oversized footrests so that anyone can easily row without any difficulty. This rower is available with superior performance monitor to easily track all the needed fitness data.

By getting this rowing machine, you are sure to focus on various problem areas including waist, abdomen, glutes, thighs, and hips. As most of your body muscles are involved in the training aspect so there is a need for investing separately for fitness classes.

The Velocity fitness rowing machine is a great device for the home fitness user. It’s quite smooth & offers the additional benefit of heart rate monitor and pre-set programs for specifically targeted training. This rower is designed with the easy-foldable and transportable feature.

It’s anodized aluminium beam and polyurethane moulded saddle with rectangular tubing seems to provide stable and comfortable performance.

#8 WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

WaterRower is renowned for its patented water flywheel design that reflects the realistic designs of a boat moving in water.

The noise occurred during the rowing is quite pleasant as it sounds similar to splashing water.

The WaterRower machine is handcrafted from astonishing solid ash wood. The Danish oil finish and Honey oat stain beautiful look for the product and add value to your home décor.

Its dual rail modal and ergonomic seat promise stability, safety and smooth operation at the time of training. Besides from that, the Natural Rowing machine encompasses of S4 Performance monitor which serves as a user-friendly companion to ensure that your workout results are tracked & optimized to offer you detailed and accurate data when you row.

The WaterRower Natural Rowing machine will not last for your life but also considered as a rigid investment for your hard earned money.

Being reliable equipment, it provides a well-balanced workout to achieve good physique and body tone. Its performance is smooth and whispers quietly, as it is a suitable option for training at your residence without annoying others. Comes with easy to transport, handle and store, this machine is the best choice to achieve your specific workout goal.

Reasons To Buy Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are known as a great option since they are created on the basis of rowing boats & are regarded as trending devices for the fitness enthusiast.

These devices are utilized at gym and home and do not need any gym trainers or assistance. These devices are quite beneficial for burning your calories, help in doing exercise at the comfort of home and less strain for muscles.

Rowing machines are highly beneficial for the people suffering from excessive injuries. Here are the effective reasons to buy rowing machines.

1. Low Impact: This device is popular for its non-weight bearing and low-impact feature and does not harm you. Besides that, the occurrences of muscle tear, injury and joint pain is quite less. This feature is an ideal choice for injured athletes, senior citizens and people suffering from injury or surgery.

2. Easy Workout Session: It is sure that the device helps in toning, weight loss & burning of excessive calories and also decreases the stress level. You can do a workout by listing to favourite music or watching TV.

3. Full Body Workout: If you are searching for the device, which offers a complete workout, then you have to get a rowing machine. This device comes with a workout for the upper and lower body muscles, which aid in toning and strengthening of your muscles. 

As a result, you will get exact sculpted muscles with absolute body training.

4. Reduce Weight & Burn Calories: This rowing machine seems to provide excellent aerobic workout & the intensity will be customized depending on your needs. 

Rowing has the capability to strengthen your body muscles and renowned for quick weight loss. It tightens the tones of your body and makes your body highly stylish.

You are expected to burn calories of about 600-1000 per hour so your body will be sculpted and stylish.

5. Work At Home: Most of the people plan to join the yoga class or gym or aerobic session but due to lack of time, it is quite hard to achieve.

The rowing device can offer total body workout in the comfort of your home without taking more time. It offers effectual workout sessions & good value for your time.

6. Improve Metabolism & Cardiovascular: Rowing machine is considered to improve the metabolism rate by enhancing the oxygen flow throughout the body.

Additionally, it also improves the cardiovascular system by improving heart functions, improve the blood circulation system and increase carbohydrate utilization.

Wrapping Up

Fitness goal cannot be easily achieved without having the right equipment. Due to this reason, we have listed out best rowing machine reviews for your fitness and exercise regimen.

The rowing device is powerful equipment, which enables complete body workout, enhances stamina, stimulates metabolism and makes your workout highly pleasurable.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned rowers to get the sculpted body. If you are in need of getting perfect body shape, then order the best one to start your workout without leaving the comfort of your residence.

Best Rowing Machine Reviews
  • Concept 2 Indoor
  • Stamina Air Rower
  • Kettler 7978-900 Favorit
  • Lifecore R100
  • Pro Rower H20 RX-740
  • Stamina Avari Magnetic Power
  • Velocity Fitness CHR-2001
  • WaterRower Natural


Here is the detailed list of the best rowing machines and honest reviews for the rowing enthusiasts.
Best Rowing Machine Reviews 2019


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