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The 8 Best Router Table to Buy In 2019

In the present scenario, most of the people are using the router table. It is because it helps to route wood and other materials.

It is the best product when compared to the other products. The router table is one of the systems, which you can utilize for attaching the handheld wood router.

So by using the router table, you can table-mount a router.

As well as while routing the wood it will give you more stability as well as the safety. So nowadays the woodworking professionals love this router tables.

Things To Consider While Buying Best Router Table

The routing table contains essential information to forward a small package along with the right path towards. Every packet contains the details about its destination and origin.

If the packet is received the net tool examines the packet and matches it to the routing table to provide the best match for its end.

Then the table gives the tool with commands for sending the packet to the next route across the network. There are wide ranges of router table are available in the market. In the below section you can get top and best router tables.

So below are the benefits of using the router table. There are many types of router table available to choose to pick the best one which your needs.

Best Router Table Reviews

#1 Kreg Precision Router Table – Prs1045

This Kreg router table is the best when compared to the others.

It has the combination of the unmatched versatility with the adjustable and easy setup to take your projects of woodworking to the next level.

There are many unique features available in this router table product such as the durable and large table tops, T-square fence style, as well as the durable steel stand which work together to produce the router table. This meets all your routing needs and requirements.

The high-quality router table is an essential device for the woodworker so for them, this type of router table is the best and right option.

The features in this router table help woodworkers to complete all the projects levels faster and easy with the great precision than before. The innovation fence keeps the fence enduringly parallel to the slot of the miter.

The fence in it is made up of the high aluminium extrusion. This supports the highest workpieces. This type of router table is ideal for small projects.

So the Kreg router is perfect for the professional woodworker. Below are benefits of Kreg router table

  • Major adjuster in this router takes all of the guesswork
  • The features of fence lock safely and move smoothly
  • The two fences are easily adjustable for the limitless project and dust collection
  • It goes beyond and above with the four plate levellers which help to ensure the mounting plate perfectly
  • The rods in it turn the fence into the jointer and edger

#2 Bosch Bench Top Router Table – RA1181

It is one of the best router tables, which are available in the market. It is the best and right option for professional wood makers.

The main benefit of choosing this router table is very compatible with all the routers. So you can able to modify the machine in between.

This router table has the Aluminum fence so you can get the mounting plates of the router, which is based on the Aluminum.

This Bosch has the two-slide setup, a root chord, starter pins, guards and adjustable fence.  As well as it has unique features such as the secure, reasonable and adaptable.

It has the surface of the 27 x 12 inches, which is enough for the professionals to make the wood. It boasts the two adjustable boards with the dual outlet and also the dust collection part.

Within a few minutes, you can set up the table. It is because it comes with the basic hardware for connecting the famous wood routers.

This product has come with the one-year warranty in the market. Below are the benefits of Bosch router table

  • This product comes with many base plates so it is compatible with the routers
  • As well as it comes with the two easy to use and adjustable features
  • In this, the dust port is completely placed with the fence
  • It is more flexible and compatible

#3 Bosch Cabinet Router Table – RA1171

This is another type of router table in the market. It has the cabinet style in the router table, which makes less noise while in operation.

So the professionals can use this product with accuracy and less disorder. This router table has the 25 x 15.5 inches.

This product has many features such as the aluminium fence, mounting plate, and the adjustable feather boards. It comes with the compact design.

The main benefit of using this product is, it has the dust ports for the collection of dust and multiple outlet switches. It is the fastest growing wide range of tools for expanding the woodworker.

The unique features present in this router table are the excellent choice for the professional woodworker. As well it is an ideal tool for the hobbyist. Here are the benefits of buying Bosch RA1171Cabinet Router Table

  • Best cheaper router table
  • The aluminium base plate in this product is strong, rigid and consistent
  • The cabinet style in it does not make any noise
  • It is ideal for the dust collection
  • The two convenient dust collections make the workplace so clean
  • It has the advance and unique features

#4 Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table

This is another router table in the market. It is the fully-fledged router table among the others.

It will give you more performance than the rate of a standard. This router table comes with the Aluminum face, which is entirely enclosed.

If you want the precision cuts, then this type will be more useful. This is the best router table system for the professional woodcutter because it has the advantage of microdot surface and MDF top to cut the wood simply.

This product offers the work surface, compatible and flexible. With this table, you can make all type of routers. It is easy and simple to assemble this router table. The main feature of this product is good alignment and lack of noise & vibration.

The PRS1040 router table is an enormously sturdy router table, which offers a better level for correct and exact work. If you’re a knowledgeable and experienced woodworker and looking for a table promote, then is the right one to consider.

It works with almost every router and boasts an outstanding insert plate and T-square fence, so the entire table works as a structure, which is designed for accuracy and long life. Below are the benefits of using this router table

  • More durable
  • Very accurate levelling
  • Almost work with any kind of routers

#5 Bench Dog Tools Router Table

This product is another type of router table which is available in the market. The Bench Dog has formed a with the premium quality table in the form of 40-001 for the hobbyist woodworker.

The materials used in this router table are MDF and laminate top. This is best and completely feasible when compared to the Bosch router table.

As well as this router is prepared with an accomplice path for an easy and simple count of miter gauges. It’s completely enclosed with the cabinet bottom, which serves to reduce noise as well as to reduce the spread of garbage and boost storage space.

It has the whistles and bells like the dual fence slots so you can put up a wide range of wood sizes and labour from numerous angles.

Its assembly is moderately easy & simple. Moreover, this router table is fewer suitable for the professional woodworker.

However, also the Bench Dog is one of the best and popular router tables, which are obtainable for the informal woodworker. Below are the benefits of using the Bench Dog router table

  • The fence in this router table is high-quality so the outfits can be adjusted independently
  • In this, the track and face boards are available so you can modify the setup of the table
  • You can keep your workstation so clean with the help of the dust collection feature
  • The modifiable fence slots can work on wide range of projects.

#6 Kreg Benchtop Router Table – PRS2100

Nowadays most of the professional woodworkers choose the Kreg Benchtop Router Table. It is because it comes with unique features and advanced technologies.

As well as this router table comes with an impressive and reasonable amount tag. This product has the 16×24 inches, so it is suitable for the small studios.

By using this machine, you can’t be able to create any noise. The benefits of using this product are more flexible and stable.

It comes with the Aluminium fence, MDF top, and heavy steel stands. So this router table is the perfect option for the professional wood marker because it provides an effective solution for the high performance.

The fence in this router table simple and easily adjustable and the total time to assembly is low when compared to other router tables.

So for every professional, this router table is the remarkable package. It provides the powerful surroundings and strong for the wood routing needs. Here are benefits of using this Kreg Benchtop Router Table

  • Offer strong for the wood routing needs
  • More durable
  • Less expensive
  • Need some time to assemble
  • Perfect for the small studios

#7 SKIL Router table – RAS900

If you are looking for the reasonably priced router table, then the SKIL RAS900 Router Table is a perfect choice.

If you use this table, you can save much time because this router table comes with the pre-assembled.

So you can begin the product in the straightway. It has the unique features such as the MDF as well as the two containers.

The work surface obtainable by SKIL router table is not large enough when compared to others. The powerful plan and accurate cuts will help you to compact with just about all types of routing. It works in a small working area.

#8 Trim Router Table

This is another type of router table in the market. It is the cheapest router table so you can buy this at a reasonable price.

This product is made up of the Vinyl, and the structure is strong enough as well as it comes with MDF exterior too.

It has the ease and simple of design. You can take this Trim Router Table wherever you like. The main benefits of using this router table are ultimate portability.

With the help of the pre-drilled holes, you can simply and effortlessly join the router table to a larger table.

For the ultimate beginners, this router table is a perfect choice. It provides more safety and support of the router table. As well as it is perfect for both the hobbyists and professional’s woodworkers.

Why the need for a Router Table?

There are more benefits of using the router table for your needs, which are given below:

  • While routing wood and other materials, the router table provides you with the better constancy and flexible. So this is best when compared to the other process of routers.
  • This is useful to do the powerful shape of the project. By manufacture of the work surface even, your job complete fastly and quickly within a few minutes
  • It’s easy and simple to form and also to cut wood when you are using a router table. You can get the benefits of improved accuracy and concern.
  • More outstandingly, you no need to use the hands for the routing procedure by using the router table. When you do not have the router table, you need to grasp the router by using one hand for the precision.
  • As well as the router tables provide enhanced safety. So the chances are very low to come across with the accidents.

Choose the right Router Table

With the help of the router table, you can improve your precision, safety, and productivity. It is the most functional and flexible accompaniments.

The router, which is mounted safety on the table, both of your hands can leave free during the cut. In the present scenario, there are many new router table models are available on the market.

Each and every model has come with the new and unique features and advanced technologies. So purchasing the right one is quite difficult.

There are huge collections of the router tables to select from. So you need to do some additional efforts to pick the right router table for your needs and requirements.

In the below section get the important factors to consider while buying the best router table

Factors to Consider While Buying Best Router Table

Nowadays there are many routers tables are available to choose the best one, which suits your needs and budgets. There are many factors to consider while buying the router table.

  • Surface

The surface is the major concern to choose the best router table. You need to make sure that the router table so chooses should have the flat, rigid and great surface. It is because the strong surface will provide you with the good surroundings of precise routing and cutting.   As well as make sure that there are no any problems with it. You can choose the router table which is made up of the MDF.

  • Dust collector

You create an inconceivable quantity of dust while making the best and perfect project. So, in order to keep your workplace clean and associated, you should get the best and right router table with the most excellent dust collection method. As well as it helps to keep your health perfectly.

  • Choose the best base

If you decided to buy the router for your need, then look for the strong base of the router table. It is because it offers good protection and strength while doing the wood.

  • Fence adaptable

The fence is another important factor to consider while purchasing the router table for your needs. The router table you choose should be adjustable.

It is because this can save you a lot of time when you get up a scheme. You can choose the router table, which has the one-piece and two-piece offences. Your collection should depend on manage you need while usage of boards.

Wrapping Up

Thus the above the important factors to consider while purchasing the router table for your needs. With the help of these above factors choose the best and right router table, which suits your needs and budgets.

When you make use of the router table to make the routing process, you can gain more benefits such as the durable, overcome with accidents, better constancy and stability, flexible, improved accuracy and much more.

Best Router Table Reviews
  • Kreg Precision Prs1045
  • Bosch Bench RA1181
  • Bosch Cabinet RA1171
  • Kreg PRS1040
  • Bench Dog Tools
  • Kreg Benchtop PRS2100
  • SKIL Router Table RAS900
  • Trim Router Table


There are many types of router table available to choose to pick the best one which your needs by reading these reviews.
Best Router Tables 2019


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