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The 9 Best Gun Safes to Buy in 2019

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A storage area that is meant especially for the firearms is known as gun safe. It can be used anywhere whether it be business or at home, the gun safe keeps your firearms securely away from burglars and intruders.

There are some best gun safes already available on the market, but if you are planning on purchasing one, then it can prove to be confusing.

After lots of research, we have prepared this guide to help you with a selection of an appropriate gun safe.

Best Gun Safe Reviews

Here, is the list of some best gun safes for long guns that are available on the market.

#1 Paragon Lock and Safe – 8 Rifles Safe Cabinet

Something sturdy does not necessarily have to compromise on the aesthetics.

The Paragon Lock and Safes are as elegant as it is secure.

It is built for the superb defence and has a lot of storage space which can accommodate eight guns of length 47”.

Even so, the artistic exteriors aren’t compromised, and the safe would make a great addition to the home or office while also helping you feel secure.

It comes with a central locking cabinet inside with its very own locking mechanism.

  • The safe is coated with superior 18-gauge powder which provides better defence.
  • The build is heavy steel, and it is practically impenetrable.
  • The safe is protected against theft using hidden hinges.
  • The rifle storage is cushioned from within via a grey mat at the bottom.

Those who have a lot of guns would find this safe super useful. A storage box facility which is available within the safe can be used to store valuables such as jewellery, ammunition and more.

This Paragon model is an investment for a lifetime and it is completely equipped to provide the much-needed protection for your valuables and firearms against any kind of invaders.

#2 Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe

The more advanced Barska Biometric Rifle Safe lives up to its name. Each one of the removable interior storage racks comes with space for twelve rifles.

This model by Barska features the highly secure fingerprint technology. This means that no one besides the user will be able to access the safe.

  • The safe stores an immense 120 programmed biometrics in the memory.
  • A rock-hard 5-deadbolts locking system keeps the craftiest of burglars out of reach.
  • Cushion material lines up the interiors of the safe to preserve and safeguard your valuables of any kind.
  • The build is solid steel and it keeps out unauthorized persons very well.

This safe basically combines advanced technology with a tough and reliable build quality and gives you the smartest safe which can protect your firearms.

The storage space is huge which is more than ideal for storage of many rifles as well as handguns and have an optimum of safety collection at hand.

#3 BIGHORN 19ECB Gun Safe

The 2.75mm thick steel is the epitome of protective build quality. This Bighorn safe is absolutely resistant to hacking and prying open by the shrewdest burglars.

This safe is perfect for storing a good number of handguns, rifles, documents as well as other equipment at ease.

The maximum defence that this safe offer relies on the heavy build.

  • The safe features 1.5” of steel in the front and a thickness of 4.75” overall to add to its protection prowess.
  • The safe also has a total of eight door bolts which completely safeguard the door with the 0.5” radius of each door bolt.
  • Additionally, it protects against fire and heats up to a temperature of 1200 Fahrenheit.

The safe is meant for gun users who want to lock up many kinds or numbers of firearms until required. This is due to the heavy build and spacious storage which protects the valuables until required.

It is a great investment for the lifetime and is quite durable throughout the years, providing the best protection for firearms.

#4 Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Safe

Safes can lock you out without any notice. This is not a concern for those using the Steelwater safe.

This model is a safe full of defensive capabilities in itself.

The double bitted key for bypass ensures that your valuable firearms always stay within your reach and no one else’s.

The large storage can accommodate approximately eight or nine rifles. Additionally, there are many compartments which can house ammunitions, handguns as well as other valuables of great importance to you.

  • The lock system of this model is empowered with an EMP proof electronic system.
  • The safe has steel locking bolts of the diameter 9.1” which ensure max defence in any condition.
  • The door of the safe is 4” thick and is absolutely drill proof as well as ballistic proof. It is practically impossible to infiltrate this one eve with the maximum force.
  • The safe is fire resistant as well and can survive any amount of stress including a temperature of up to 1550 Fahrenheit.

Those gun users who are looking for a safe with an inbuilt auto release bypass system instead of the standard safes which keep locking you out. The durable build and the large storage make this one of the best ones you can buy.

#5 Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-11-E Gun Safe

This model of Winchester gun safes is a huge one made of 12-gauge steel. It is tested for fire resistance for an hour of combustibility with the temperatures up to 1400 Fahrenheit.

The storage is more than sufficient for twenty-four guns and there is additional space for other valuables including handguns, ammunition, documents, rifles and more.

  • The safe is secured by ten locking bolts made of solid steel, each of 1.25 inches dimensions.
  • The safe is practically impossible to hack open, thanks to the four-way system of locking.
  • It offers drill resistance and guards your valuables against any kind of attempt to break in.
  • The door is constructed with three strata of fireboard the body is made with two added layers. These make the safe superbly resistant to heat and fire and can keep your belongings safe from the fire for more than an hour.

The Winchester 19-11-E model is the best and cleverest investment among other gun safes. The storage allows one to put away a huge compilation of firearms and the safe offers solid security against fire accidents and drills.

Needless to say, the safe is excellently durable, and the user will not be disappointed by the ultimate protection it offers.

Best Gun Safes For Hand Gun Storage Reviews

For storing handguns, one needs reliable, portable and well-hidden vaults, which you can access easily and in case of emergency.

Here, is the list of some Best Hand Gun Safes that are available on the market for keeping your handguns safe.

#1 Gunvault Minivault Handgun Safe

The first one to top the list is the GunVault Minivault handgun safe that comes with a mini enclosure, which is made of strong, durable steel.

The safe is sturdy enough to easily store a handgun securely.

Let’s find some more of its features that have been below.

  • This particular product has an audio alarm that can sense on getting tampered by anyone, whether it is intruders or children.
  • Always shows LED and audio warning in all low battery situations.
  • The durable built quality prevents it from anyone who tries to open the safe and ensures complete protection and safety at all time.
  • The sleek design of the safe helps it to fit in any enclosure. The product is highly durable to keep it safe from used at other times when it is not needed at all.

If you are looking for a sturdy and sleek product, then the Gunvault Handgun Safe can be said to be the perfect option.

#2 GunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

Two words suffice to describe the GunVault safe perfectly- Invisible and Quiet.

For using the gun safe at home, an easily accessible safe which can be kept out of sight is extremely advantageous.

The safe is 18-gauge steel and obviously offers a unique design which makes it special.

The position in which the gun is set is within quick reach and grasps drive from the owner.

  • The keypad offers quick access but also keeps the firearms protected against anyone who is not authorized.
  • An override key for backup is also provided along with the model for use in emergencies.
  • The firearms placed within this safe experience the comfort of interior foam along with the maximum durability that this safe guarantees.
  • The superb inconspicuous making gives you an advantage in case of intrusion as the invaders won’t be easily aware of the presence of the safe.

In simple words, this gun safe is meant for fast retrieval and absolutely quiet scenarios which are most likely in residency requirements.

#3 GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe

Talk about advanced with this gorgeous, little gun safe! With a whole range of fancy features and upgraded security, this GunBox safe is a must for the users who want up-to-date protection for their firearms.

The safe has portable charging points for the mobile and can even be programmed for sending an emergency message in case it is tampered with.

  • The biometric technology smartly keeps the safe as well as its contents away from kids and other people who might try to access it without permission.
  • In case the box is stolen, the user can track it using GPS technology.
  • The safe comes with two USB ports which allow you to charge the mobile.
  • It can be accommodated anywhere such that one can use it in the car too with the help of a car adapter.
  • It is a genius and versatile device which takes the protection of the firearms to another level. The features not only allow you to defend yourself properly in times of need but also keep it secure from invaders and kids. The features also make it useful for multiple facilities and the safe is invaluable in itself for any homeowner.

#4 GunVault NV200 NanoVault 200

The product, Nanovault 200 is convenient and portable little safe where you can store your valuable things like keys, passport, handy firearms and cards that will remain safe at your arm’s length.

The best thing about NanoVault is not just its compact design but also its usefulness as a travel companion, which can keep your handgun safe and secure.

The features of this handgun are many;

  • The handgun has a 1.25-inch memory foam that provides cushion like a base for the valuable items.
  • The steel construction of 18 gauge makes sure that your stuff gets an utmost safety.
  • It is provided by security cable of 1500lb to tie up NanoVault to a stationary object for easy access.

The Nanovault is a great safe to be including a car stash holder, briefcase, etc. when one is moving it can provide safety as it is portable. This product is a great purchase for those who are a travelling enthusiast.

Another most notable advantage added to the specialities of the safe is that one doesn’t have to use tools while setting this safe up.

The price being feasible, the product is a great deal and is more than sufficient in protecting your handgun from grab or snatch.

Why the Need for a Gun Safe if you own Firearms?

With firearms, you need to practice much caution, as anyone can easily get access to your firearm and that can be dangerous if left in the open.

Whether it is intruders or young children, it can be very dangerous with the little bit of carelessness. This can be a major cause for being concerned, and that calls for prevention, which necessitates that your firearms must be stored right away, somewhere, where you easily reach it in case of a dire emergency.

Gun safes come with some features like hidden or concealed alarm system that will light the line of sight of your firearms if and when a power outage takes place.

There are other features as well. A gun safe is a very important thing to own not just for keeping your firearms safe but also your other valuables like jewellery, ammo, passports, and such other important items.

What if a Gun Safe Fails and Cannot Provide Adequate Protection?

This is another very general question but a very valid one.

Firstly, being made by leading brands, the gun safes are made with just one thing in the mind of the makers and that being defence. A safe doesn’t mean safe if it gets penetrated or broken easily.

So, the user must take the complete responsibility to keep their valuables in a safe built with top quality that must have a superior range of security options with a wide variety of storage facility for the firearms.

Most of them are impenetrable and are available with drill-proof, which means not even drills can manage to penetrate the high quality of steel safes. So, before purchasing one, you must check for all these features in your choice of the gun safe.

Ideas for Selecting the Appropriate Gun Safe

Choosing of best gun safe according to our need can be really very confusing. So, let us help you with a list of which you can choose a gun safe for your purpose.

There are certain attributes of the gun safe that you must check for before making the purchase.

  • The strong build of the gun safe is the first attribute of a good safe which ensures safety from tools like hammers or any other portable equipment.
  • The fire protection is another feature that is a must for a gun safe. It provides protection to your valuables from fire or any such outbreak. The product must have at least thirty minutes resistant to fire or heat so that it stays away from harm’s way.
  • Storage is another factor and that too important one when you are planning on buying a good safe for your valuables. If you have a large collection of guns or other firearms, then you must start planning on buying a good safe for your firearms.

The safes are available in various designs that come with deadlock that are sturdy, complex biometric scanning. Every one of them has their own form of protection according to the requirements.

It’s upon you which one do you trust with your valuables. For a different variety of tasks, different functions are available with the gun safe. Make sure you get the right one that can cater to your needs completely.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

There are a few things which will help you to find the best one from different gun safes that are available in the market.

Here, are the few essential aspects to consider before buying the gun safe.

1. Security of the Locks

Gun safes come with different varieties of a lock, which are mechanical ones, biometric fingerprint security one, and electronic keypad locks.

2. Door Thickness

The thicker the door, the more secure will be your safety. It is usually recommended to get a safe with 5/16-inch thick door or more.

3. Bolt Locking System

Bolts are basically responsible for looking after the locking of the safe door securely with the body frame.

There are more, so, before buying any safe, you must check on all features to avoid serious damage to your valuables.

Best Gun Safe Reviews
  • Paragon Lock and Safe
  • Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe
  • BIGHORN 19ECB Gun Safe
  • Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Safe
  • Winchester Ranger Deluxe
  • Gunvault Minivault
  • GunVault SV 500
  • GunBox Biometric
  • GunVault NV200


We have prepared this guide to help you with a selection of an appropriate best gun safe for the money.
Best Gun Safe Reviews 2019


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