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The 5 Best Chainsaw Machines to Buy in 2019

There is one big mistake that almost every Chainsaw buyer makes:

They don’t really care about safety.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are purchasing the chainsaw for professional work, domestic chores or cleaning up after some emergencies.

Safety should be the first priority while selecting. Otherwise, you may be one of many Chainsaw accident cases out there. That having said, you need to maintain a perfect balance between performance and safety too.

In case you are confused, don’t worry. We have gone through and specifically reviewed some of the popular and widely-used chainsaws in the market.

From gas chainsaws to electric chainsaws and from a professional design to compact ones, we’ve suggestions from every possible category.

So, ready to check out the ultimate list of best chainsaw machines and reviews?

Best Chainsaw Reviews

#1 Echo CS-310 14” Chainsaw – Our Top Pick

Among the 50 chainsaws we tested during the period, Echo CS-310 14” Chainsaw has got the first spot.

It will be our go-to chainsaw for light and intense tasks, from cutting logs to getting rid of obstructing branches.

Its design is so compact but doesn’t compromise performance.

Thanks to an innovative starting system, it takes just a few seconds to start Echo CS-310 14” Chainsaw. This is great for a gas-powered chainsaw.

So, when it’s time to quickly take out the chainsaw and start working, you’d not waste even a second.

Apart from the compact and safe design, we really loved the performance in Echo CS-310 14” Chainsaw. It’s coming with the 2-stroke engine of 35cc. The machine manages to minimize vibrations, even while penetrating hardwood.

In the end, we’d say Echo CS-310 14” Chainsaw is one of the finest chainsaws we’ve ever seen.

Thanks to the ergonomic control portion, you can adjust chain for smoother performance. In spite of all these features, it’s available at a sub-$300 budget too.

We’d recommend Echo CS-310 14” Chainsaw for almost everyone who uses chainsaws once in a while. Even though it deals with hardwood quite smoothly, the perfect job would be light woodwork so that the machine lasts longer.

#2 Husqvarna 450 18-Inch Chainsaw

One of the most purchased chainsaws on Amazon, Husqvarna 450 18-Inch Chainsaw attracts users due to its design and power alike.

If you ask us, we’d recommend this one for heavy-woodcutting and firewood making.

But, even when you keep the powerful insides apart, there are a few things you’d love this.

The Husqvarna 450 18-Inch Chainsaw has been designed for regular work, and the design complements the purpose.

Despite the weight, handling and controlling is pretty easy. Also, in a single pull, you can start this 3.2 Horsepower chainsaw effortlessly.

For a machine of this affordable price, the chainsaw comes with a bunch of safety features. We tested it via different situations and the chain-brake system is effective in minimizing kickbacks.

Another reason why the machine feels so easy to handle is the vibration suppressor, which performs extremely well.

Husqvarna has been in the industry for a long while and the same quality-rich construction is present in this chainsaw as well. In case you find these aren’t enough, Husqvarna 450 18-Inch Chainsaw also comes with an in-built cleaning system.

Husqvarna 450 18-Inch Chainsaw would be our recommendation if you are looking for the most powerful & ergonomically-designed chainsaw in the market.

You can count the 2-year warranty and the included chain-tensioning systems as some bonus.

#3 Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch Chainsaw

To our surprise, this affordable chainsaw had a 4.4/5.0 rating on Amazon, which is extraordinary.

And, after testing the chainsaw for a few days, we believe it deserves a space in this list.

If you put it simply, Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch Chainsaw may be the most compact one.

Well, the compact design doesn’t seem to affect the 32.2cc motor inside, which we found effective for most medium-duty activities. Another point is that the chainsaw consumes less fuel when compared to others in the same budget.

As far as the design goes, Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch Chainsaw is one of the best indeed. It starts with just a single pull and achieves maximum power in no time.

Obviously, these statements are relative to the type of wood you’re cutting.

Ergonomics of the design isn’t a strong point, but it feels okay to use Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 14-Inch Chainsaw even for a long period of time. The task of refilling the oil frequently is the only thing that might irritate you while using it.

Conclusively, Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch Chainsaw is the best choice for medium-duty tasks that require compactness.

While there are no fancy features to show off, this affordable chainsaw will help you get the task done in the shortest possible time.

#4 BLACK+DECKER LCS1020B 20V Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER isn’t a new name for us when it comes to heavy-duty machines.

However, this tiny, compact and electric-powered chainsaw broke all the preconceptions we had about electric chainsaws.

And, if those reasons aren’t enough, BLACK+DECKER LCS1020B 20V Lithium-Ion Chainsaw is the cheapest one in the list.

One of the highest-rated electric chainsaws on Amazon, you can use this machine for low-intensity activities, such as getting rid of tree branches.

The best part is that, even when working in full power, the chainsaw is making a negligible amount of sound, which is indeed a reason to go for it.

Weighing just 7.2lbs, carrying and using BLACK+DECKER LCS1020B 20V Lithium-Ion Chainsaw is just a piece of cake. At the same time, BLACK+DECKER has included a 20V Battery inside, providing a more-than-standard working time. Of course, this may vary according to the task being done.

A few features like self-oiling, tool-free tension system, and premium-quality construction are some reasons why people love this compact chainsaw.

According to our tests, it doesn’t take much time to recharge battery inside. So, a perfect choice if you hate the hassles of refilling gas.

At the end of the day, BLACK+DECKER LCS1020B 20V Lithium-Ion Chainsaw makes the best choice for regular low-intensity saw needs.

Don’t expect it to cut down an entire tree, but woodworking and tree-trimming are quite okay for this little genius.

#5 WORX WG303.1 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw

Last in the list but obviously not the least, WORX WG303.1 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw is one superb choice if you need an affordable electric chainsaw.

From what we learned during the testing sessions, this one can be a viable alternative for low-duty gas-powered chainsaws out there.

It comes with a 14.5 Amp motor that smoothly deals with basic woodwork. The manufacturer has tried the best to reduce kickbacks, by setting up the automatic shut-down system. That is, if there is a kickback chance, the machine itself will turn off the task.

Considering the design as well, you don’t need any backstory to start using WORX WG303.1 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw. We understand that the design is simple, but it can survive a few years even with an immensely regular use.

Plus, you have all the benefits of an electric chainsaw! For instance, auto-tensioning and auto-oiling are some worth-praising features indeed.

They can save a lot of time if you are into continuous work; still, we wouldn’t recommend going tough on it.

Conclusively, WORX WG303.1 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw is the best choice if you need the compact and affordable pick from the market.

To make things awesome, the product comes with a 3-year warranty from WORX, which is great.

Now that you have seen some of the finest gas and electric chainsaws in the market, is it time to talk about how you can make the right choice from the above options — or, any chainsaw collection?

Different Types of Chainsaws Available in Market

The most common criteria for classifying chainsaw is the fuel system. Although designs may vary, there isn’t much of radical difference. So, the main choices you have when it comes to chainsaws is to decide how they work.

Above, you have seen two types of chainsaws — electric and gas-powered. Although the gas-powered ones are common, we have seen some more types in the previous years.

Now, we will have a look at the top three types of chainsaws you can find in the market. We also cover the advantages and disadvantages of all types.

  • Gas-Powered Chainsaws

Gas-Powered Chainsaws are said to be the professional’s favourite for obvious reasons. Before we jump into those, keep in mind that these devices are powered by petrol — and not gas. The term signifies Gasoline; in case you are interested to know.

So, you will have to refill a certain amount of petrol to run this chainsaw, on a regular basis. Along with petrol, you will also have to use some oils, which will be used for lubrication. Even in our list, 3 of 5 are gas-powered chainsaws.

Coming to the advantages, gas chainsaws have an impressive power to offer, especially in comparison with other types. You can normally find 2-stroke engines inside the device, making the chainsaw suitable for heavy work.

If you are into professional wood-cutting or trimming, you are likely to prefer a gas-powered chainsaw. The chain-length and power can be adjusted according to your requirements.

On top of all, these devices do offer the best portability, as long as you have petrol with you.

The problems include the increased amount of noise and extra weight. Because these devices have a fully-fledged motor inside, you can expect some more weight.

Also, while working in full power, the machine will make some sound. Another disadvantage is the problems of starting up. Here’s an exception though: almost all the products we’ve tested come with an easy-start mechanism that let you start the saw in just a single pull of the starter chain.

  • Electric Chainsaws (Corded)

The name speaks for the product, right? These are chainsaws that come with an electric motor rather than a gas-powered one.

The catch is this: these machines have a long wire that you need to connect it to a wall socket. Of course, there are a few advantages and disadvantages, but they aren’t professionals’ choice.

A noticeable advantage of the corded electric chainsaw is the hassle-free process of refuelling. As long as you have a constant source of electric power, you needn’t worry about refuelling.

Compared to the gas-powered ones, it doesn’t require oiling or regular maintenance from the user. Moreover, even the beginners can start using these saws without introduction.

Because there is no mechanical engine, the saw can be started in a single button click.

Despite all these, carrying all the wires to the woods don’t seem practical. There is a limit you can bring your power connection — unless you have a generator with you.

Even then, corded electric chainsaws aren’t the best choice for portable use. Also, even when you have a portable power source, these chainsaws don’t offer powerful motors inside.

So, don’t expect using corded electric chainsaws for cutting down big trees. You do know why we skipped these on our list, right?

  • Cordless Electric Chainsaws

Cordless Electric Chainsaws were introduced as a solution for the limitations of corded ones. As you’d guess from the name, these machines have an electric motor inside — accompanied by a rather powerful battery.

The battery will store charge, which is used to run the chainsaw. While it solves the biggest issues found in electric chainsaws — lack of portability — total efficiency of these chainsaws is another matter of debate. It is so because you’ll find a lot of benefits here.

Compared to gas-powered chainsaws and even the corded electric ones, cordless electric saws are compact and portable. You don’t need a ton of space for carrying and using these machines.

Although the total weight may depend upon the battery, you can easily carry them around. Also, there is no hassle when it comes to starting up or maintaining the machine.

In a single button, the saw will be up and running. Last but not least, you don’t find fumes or extra sound with this type.

We still believe there are some serious advantages, but they can be reasoned. For instance, you can’t expect much power from these battery-powered chainsaws, but these chainsaws aren’t made for heavy work.

Also, you might have to charge the saw more often if the battery capacity is low, but that’s something you would expect. Also, being such a compact device, it doesn’t make sense to blame chainsaws for lack of power.

Still, they are a good choice for quick and portable chainsaw needs, don’t you think?

Choosing the right type of chainsaw is important if you want a sensible investment. However, it’s also important to check for some other aspects.

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best Chainsaw

We understand that now you have one of the finest lists of best chainsaws out there, but there’s a catch:

There isn’t an ultimate chainsaw that suits everyone.

Everyone needs something different, and there are different things to take care of.

So, here below are some of the most important factors you should consider while choosing a chainsaw for your home, work for both.

#1 Features for Safety

We started off this article by emphasizing the need for safety in chainsaw machines. We would not change it here, either. Safety of the chainsaw should be your ultimate consideration when it comes to selection.

There are a few features you should look out for, such as the design. Make sure that the design lets you hold and use the chainsaw without hurting or straining your body part.

In addition, kickback should be minimized to the least possible level so that damages are less. Regular — say, daily — maintenance of the saw contributes to the overall safety.

Also, make sure that you wear a suitable pair of safety precautions and dress. Also, going for anti-vibration designs and easy-start will better things.

#2 Chain Brake

This feature is going to save your time as well as your life. As the name says, it’s a kind of brake that can be applied to the chain of the chainsaw, in case of emergencies.

Suppose if there is kickback from the chainsaw. In that case, the Chain Brake will automatically turn off the motor functioning, thus preventing further forms of damage, if any.

#3 Build Quality

Not all chainsaws are made with the same material. Depending on the purpose you are buying them for, it’s necessary to select the best material.

So, make sure you get a premium-quality chain that is durable as well as doesn’t add much weight to the machine. Also, you may want to check the overall weight of the machine before buying, especially in the case of gas-powered chainsaws.

#4 Automation Features

There are a few features that we find in both electric and gas chainsaws that can make things awesome. One of such features is called Auto-Oiling.

If you have this feature, you don’t have to manually add oil to the chain of the machine. You can keep using the chainsaw while the automated element will do its job. This feature can help you save a lot of time for sure.

#5 Tensioning System

It doesn’t matter whether you have the most powerful chainsaw in the world. If you don’t set up the perfect amount of tension, things are going to end up bad.

If you are a beginner, you don’t want to mess up with all screwdrivers and all. So, we’d recommend going for a chainsaw that supports tool-free tensioning.

It means that you can adjust the chain tension to a perfect level in an easy way.

Along with these major points, you need to consider something else — the brand that you’re buying the chainsaw from. We’ll now have a quick look at the most popular brands in the chainsaw industry.

The Best Chainsaw Brands You Can Consider

Here is a quick list of the best brands in the chainsaw machine industry.

1. Husqvarna is a trusted name when it comes to heavy-duty appliances and chainsaws. Their products are noted for the premium-quality construction and design, though expensive.

It has always been an impressive recommendation from professionals out there. The products also have some innovative features like inbuilt cleaning.

2. ECHO has been creating and the finest chainsaws in gas and electric categories. It is something great, given the quality, you can see in both categories.

You can’t expect any fancy features with this one, but the total working would be near-perfect. In comparison, they try to bring some more ergonomic designs too.

3. WORX is a reliable choice when you want electric chainsaws. The company hails from China, but that never means the quality is bad.

In fact, WORX is our favourite recommendation when someone asks for a compact yet powerful chainsaw that fits the budgets. So, we’d count this as a great competitor for many of the trusted brands out there.

4. Makita is a common name among American homes when it comes to these tools. If you are going for this brand, the selection will be far easier than you expect.

Almost all the products have the highest quality of construction we have seen, which is great. So, in short, Makita is a brand that you can pick without much confusion.

So, these are some of the finest brands you should consider when you need a chainsaw. As you can see, the article includes products from these brands, offering you a wholesome collection.

We would not recommend sticking to a brand and looking for the best product. On the other hand, things are going to be great if you understand the brand’s features and both sides and then make a specific choice.

The Bottom Line

Chainsaws were never meant for kids. But, with the abovementioned quality and features, even kids can use it — not kidding.

So, the idea here is this: make sure that you choose a chainsaw machine that matches your requirements and purpose.

For instance, to put things in perspective, never go for an electric chainsaw if the purpose is heavy-duty wood-trimming or wood-cutting for a long time.

At the same time, never expect that powerful gas chainsaw to be compact and lightweight. So, wish you happy chainsaw-ing!

Best Chainsaws
  • Echo CS-310 14” Chainsaw
  • Husqvarna 450 18-Inch Chainsaw
  • Tanaka TCS33EDTP Chainsaw
  • BLACK+DECKER Lithium Ion Chainsaw
  • WORX WG303.1 Electric Chainsaw


We have gone through and specifically reviewed some of the popular and widely-used best chainsaws in the market.
Best Chainsaw Reviews 2019


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