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3 Some Common Rowing Mistakes and how to fix them

Many of buy rowing machine in order to get into fitness sessions but they can do more harm than good. Avoiding some mistakes can help you get into better form. Here, are a few mistakes with some ways to fix them.

Mistake 1 # Care for speed, not power

The indoor newbies with rowing machine, tend to make the common mistake of focus their complete attention on speed. Even after knowing the working procedure, still, they try to row more and more with speed rather than power. This trend is visible inexperienced rowers as well but is not effective in the least.

How to fix it?

So, you should start rowing by giving more importance to power over speed. With every stroke, the impact must be reflected in every part of your body. It all leads to an optimal solution for complete body fitness what you expect to achieve from working out on the rowing machine. An equal importance must be given to power as well as speed.

Mistake 2# Not using comfort-oriented features

New and modern rowing machines, if you notice, come with great features concerning the comfort of the user. But most of the newbies don’t have much knowledge about the cool features that are supported by their new rowing machine. Evidently, the users won’t get enough benefits or an adequate level of comfort.

How to fix it?

Before starting work out on rowing machine you must learn its features and applications. Educating oneself about the machine is the best way to avoid any mistakes. With advancement, experts try to make their brands the best one for the customers. So, they keep adding advanced features to the machine. To stay updated with the technology, you need to research thoroughly about the product and then get into hardcore rowing.

Mistake 3 # Usually forget about warming up

People just want to focus on indoor rowing and think that it is going to help them keep fit. But the truth is that it does more harm to you than keeping you actually fit. It can prove to be a big mistake doing just rowing and none exercise to warm your body up. Even professionals would complement this theory.

How to fix it?

Leaving the rest of the gym should be out of the question. Fitness will only come when you couple other exercises with rowing as well. Indoor rowing is good but you must also keep a check on other exercises as well. For warming-up, you can try jogging, push-ups and such other exercises.


Something’s may take some time to bear results. One must have patience and keep following the right path. The mistakes and ways to fix it have been discussed above. Once you start following it perfectly, you will surely get positive results soon.



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